Tide Dry Cleaners
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Project Description
For almost 60 years, Tide has been caring for the clothes of American families and helping to provide the everyday miracle of clean clothing. Tide wants to expand their services by offering to dry clean them also. Tide Dry Cleaners plans to roll out franchises across the US with the enlistment of HSB Architecture. HSB design provides functional, efficient spaces and circulation to Tide customer and employee comfort, along with building amenities like drive-thru service and 24/7 lockers. The overall design is a clean and fresh look, inside and out. The new building in Phoenix, Arizona was a challenging renovation of a former commercial restaurant. 75% of the original structure was removed and replaced to suit the specific requirements of the in-house dry cleaning operations. This Tide facility was the first roll out of a new Dry Cleaning concept in the State of Arizona.
Project Details
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