Gallagher Center
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Project Description
HSB was awarded the design for the Gallagher Center, a new two story 9,000 square foot structure on the existing Stella Maris Campus. This new center, nestled into the hillside between the existing recovery hospital and residential dormitory provided desperately needed space for administrative offices, group rooms, a large auditorium for 12 step meetings, and a 1500 square foot coffee shop for member, families, and recovery alumni to congregate. This 2.7 million dollar new construction and renovation has allowed Stella Maris to expand their outpatient Chemical dependency and mental health services to patients, residents, their families, and recovery alumni. The unique collaborative relationship between the Stella Maris staff and HSB has led to a truly integrated design, utilizing a tranquil an optimistic architecture in order to facilitate the recovery process of patients, families and the community.
Project Details
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