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Project Description
CoverMyMeds was looking to merge with its young developers and realized they needed an open-concept, inspiring office that allowed flexible growth. Initially, from a compartmentalized space, all new private offices would have full glass fronts, open offices would enable employees to clear lines of sight with sit/stand options, and the break area would allow for an excellent hang-out gathering point. We began with the open concept but created pockets of collaboration throughout. The space flows from a formal and bright entry and gradually becomes young and fun. We focused on the color and excitement in the break room, which uses a low soffit to divide the space while still feeling visually open. We surrounded some employees in low walls with marker-board paint to allow for brainstorming sessions, and the colorful text created a natural wallcovering. Overall, the space is bright, open, modern, and successfully inspiring its employees through multi-functional collaboration pockets.
Project Details
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