Panda Express
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Project Description
HSB has collaborated with Panda Express to create multiple new restaurants throughout the United States. By utilizing Panda Express's contemporary menu as inspiration, HSB was able to produce a modern, clean aesthetic that implements Panda Express's design intent throughout the nation. Panda Express is the recognized leader in its niche and America's fastest growing Chinese restaurant chain. Currently HSB is managing a multi-state roll-out program of free-standing and in-line store and site adaptations for multiple locations across the nation. Panda Express's design is unique, fun and inviting. HSB makes sure each location is highly visible, functional and energetic. HSB is also involved with the prototype management implementation of new equipment. HSB was also able to provide an Adaptation of new prototype development for "Bright and Fresh" concept, while incorporating Sophisticated interior furniture, finishes, and Energy efficient lighting and Mechanical systems.
Project Details
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