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Project Description
After 32 years in their nine-story building, United Church of Christ moved to a single-floor space in a downtown office building and partnered with HSB on the renovation. The new location serves as the organization's office headquarters and worship space. With reducing their square footage came deciding which meaningful items could be incorporated into the new location. HSB had the challenge of creating a space that served the organization functionally and aesthetically and honored the history and heart of UCC. In their old home was a large chapel filled with Iroko wood from West Africa, a glass ceiling feature spanning the entire space, and a sacred glass Baptismal table. After much planning and with the fantastic skills of Rustbelt Reclamation, these elements could be reused in the executive conference room, resulting in a genuinely impactful environment that resonates with all its guests. Beyond the executive conference room, you will find nods of the organization's history and future sprinkled around the space. Within the reception area hangs artwork and quotes that reflect the mission of The United Church of Christ, and the employee café is home to a commissioned, hand-painted mural that speaks to the heart of the organization. The design and renovation was a true partnership, and HSB is exceptionally proud to have been a part of it.
Project Details
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