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Project Description
LEED has proven to be an international innovation in the building industry, and recently Europe has begun adopting LEED Certification. As demand for LEED Certification in Germany began to grow in 2009, there were only 40 LEED Accredited Professionals in the entire country, and very little expertise on the methods of documentation. Through our international Partnership with Alpha Energy and Environment, a German facilities management consultant, HSB began LEED consulting for both existing buildings and new construction projects throughout Europe. With over half of our staff LEED Certified, HSB provided resources such as full building energy modeling, systems analysis, environmental analysis, and LEED documentation. Within that year and a half, HSB sought LEED Certification for 4 major buildings in Germany and Hungary. Our partnership with Alpha EE continued to grow, and benefited both companies. Our staff has had the opportunity to work with some of the most technologically advanced building systems in the world, and our German counterparts are learning from our experienced engineering staff in the field of energy modeling and LEED documentation. By The Numbers: 46% better than ASHRAE 90.1-2007; Energy Use intensity 5.3 kWh/sf (27.2 kBtu/sf); Radiant ceiling, active beam system for heating and cooling Stormwater reuse system; Certified LEED Gold Core and Shell; 1.7 million SF mixed use building; 11 levels (3 existing, 9 new); Services Provided by HSB: LEED consulting; whole building energy simulation; Certified LEED Gold Core & Shell
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