Reminger Co., LPA
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Project Description
Reminger Co., LPA, a law firm founded in Cleveland in 1958, challenged the design team at HSB to elevate the quality and efficiency of their new offices. They occupy two floors of a downtown high-rise, allowing the design language to extend from the public elevator lobbies to the reception area, adjacent conference center, and the new, interconnecting stair. The design goals were to make the space feel timeless and light. The overall color scheme leans neutral with more delicate, warm tones while utilizing natural walnut as a grounding element in the finishes and furnishings. Reminger’s iconic dark green was used as an accent in varying forms to bring branding into the architecture through wallcovering and upholstery. The focal pieces in the grand lobby are the reception desk and its leather surround. The custom desk comprises facets and undulating angles of walnut veneer, representing how the company has branched out both in size and reputation. Behind and above is a stitched leather surround. It creates an area of prospect and refuge, adding interest to the scale of the lobby and acts as an anchor to the space.
Project Details
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