Meet the HSB Team

Like firms many times our size, we possess the depth and breadth of expertise necessary to leverage cutting-edge technologies for your benefit. Yet our intimate scale allows us to remain nimble, responsive, forever creative and wholly accountable to our clients.

It’s not everyday that you redesign your space or relocate your business. At HSB Architects + Engineers, we know it’s a big step. We’re also intimately familiar with the factors – large and small – that can help keep your project hassle-free from inception through completion. Design does matter – big time. But often, it’s the details – from precise cost estimating and accurate trade scheduling to careful integration of IT components – that make a crucial difference in enabling you and your people to thrive.

You want your new space to re-energize your business, today and well into the future. You want your employees to enjoy time spent within its walls. And you want that space to help them do their jobs better and more efficiently. So do we. Through decades of experience, HSB has proven itself uniquely qualified to assist businesses and institutions with complex planning, designing and construction tasks. We take time up front to understand the nature of your organization and the role that good design and sound engineering can play in enhancing it. We use that knowledge to develop cutting-edge architecture that is both inspiring and entirely functional. We follow proven processes to ensure that construction occurs on time and on budget. And we maintain strong project oversight during each stage of your project – so you don’t have to.


Kevin Hengst Kevin Hengst

Kevin Hengst HSB Principal + Arch. of Record

Jim Streff Jim Streff

Jim Streff HSB Principal in Charge

Bob Bajko Bob Bajko

Bob Bajko HSB Prinicpal

Peter Kamis, PE Peter Kamis, PE

Peter Kamis, PE HSB Principal

The Team

Ben Gingrich Ben Gingrich

Ben Gingrich HSB Principal

Kate Csontos Kate Csontos

Kate Csontos HSB Principal

Anna Baldi Anna Baldi

Anna Baldi Interior Designer

Denise Fatica-Bajko Denise Fatica-Bajko

Denise Fatica-Bajko Client Director

Gabriel Fey Gabriel Fey

Gabriel Fey Architect

Max Wagner Max Wagner

Max Wagner Design Architect

Mike Canales Mike Canales

Mike Canales Architect

Lauren Konopka Lauren Konopka

Lauren Konopka Design Manager

AJ Suever AJ Suever

AJ Suever Studio Designer

Summer Pacholke Summer Pacholke

Summer Pacholke Interior Designer

Ed McCarty Ed McCarty

Ed McCarty Mechanical Designer

Jim White Jim White

Jim White Electrical Designer

Steven George Steven George

Steven George Electrical Engineer

Terrie Arcuri Terrie Arcuri

Terrie Arcuri Office Manager